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Yes, the 2 point method had and has done it to me. To understand or at the beginning better said "to suspect" how great and powerful HUMAN is in reality, let me marvel - gave me energy and strength to go my very own way.

I used the years 2010 and 2011 diligently to learn this method myself from various instructors. Very quickly I started weekly mini-workshops in my own home, invited friends, relatives and acquaintances and hung up info flyers in the stores. I wanted to make experiences, to get to know this language of the heart and the body resonance (with all inner and outer sensory perceptions).

Yes, I was on the right path, because doors and gates opened. Already in 2012 it was given to me to bring this knowledge in the form of seminars to France and Poland. Many, many seminars and powerful meetings with thousands of people have resulted. 

And there was no end to my travels: Poland, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Canada, La Réunion, Morocco and, in between, Germany. To open the quantum spaces or better heart spaces with a group of people and to live in them, to transform, to meet each other - beyond time and space - yes that is what inspires me and floods me with joy and gratitude. 

My name is Frauke Mathilde Helene - yes, why not write the full name for once? Frauke Kaluzinski, mother of 2 wonderful "boys", living in a tiny village just outside Hamburg. I love the garden, the nature, galloping on a pony or a horse through the forest and over the meadows, the sea, the ocean and not to forget "the desert". In February 2020, I was able to conduct a 2 point seminar in Morocco/Casablanca and the hearts of so many different cultures HAVE FUNDED and OPENED together.  heart

Nice that you exist. Thank you for reading these lines right now - yes, and thank you that your resonance has led you here.​



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    Diploma in Social Economy
    Instructor 2-Point Method Quantum Healing, Matrix for Kids
    Trainer dance, stress management, prevention sport older people
    Lecturer adult education
    Author Quantum Spaces Recognize

  • Diploma in Social Economy
  • Instructor 2-Point Method Quantum Healing, Matrix for Kids
  • Trainer dance, Stressmenagement, Prevention in sports - Body - Mind
  • Author



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Thank you [RECOMMEND_BY], [RECOMMEND_TO] has enrolled in the 2Punkt online school based on your recommendation. Thank you for helping to carry quantum awareness forward in today's world. I am sure that you are curious about other possible applications of the 2Punkt method and herewith I would like to give you a funny example of how you can also use the 2Punkt method. (Vimeo video link) is still to come! Have fun with it and thanks again! Your 2Punkt online school