About the 2Point Holoapplication

Welcome to : Living in Quantum Conciousness

Yes, this sounds NEW or DIFFERENT at first, but very quickly
you will realize that it is actually the most natural thing in the world.

YES, when we were children we often had exactly this experience
"Being the creator of our own world" ourselves.

It is about using one's own creative power in such a way that
the world in which one lives regains a coherent structure of light and life.

YOU give meaning and significance to things - and
that's what this online course is all about.

The 2Point Method is an
Instrument of Consciousness


It is already inside of you  - you only need tu use it


You can quickly and radically transform old beliefs and programs
without having to become aware of them right away


A method with which you can effectively

improve and harmonize relationships and situations


This technique leads you directly to the divine spark within you,

so that from this inherent power your life can be lived in such a way

that you yourself and the rest of the world will have the greatest joy in it.


This practice is Joyful - Creative - Surprising - Magical - Enriching

and full of unexpected Horizons.




Contents of the 4 chapters and the 14 sub lessons

1. Chapter     WELCOME

               -  1.1  Nothing could be easier :)

         -  1.2  Open up the "Field"

              -  1.3  2Point Holoapplication

-  1.4  Get into it



                   -  2.1  Quantum - Philosophy

                           -  2.2  Preparation Holoapplication

                       -  2.3  Use 2Point for everything

                          -  2.4  Holoapplication on Distance


3. Chapter    2POINT MODULES - LIVE

        -  3.1  Protocol activate Resources

            -  3.2  Basic Modules and more

         -  3.3  Feedback Carmela

  -  3.4 Timeline


    -  4.1  Guidelines

           -  4.2  Quantum Experiences



It is a pleasure for me to take you on this journey of your creative possibilities

and I am excited with you, which unimagined treasures will grow out of it.

Let me know

smiley smiley smiley

From Heart to Heart
Frauke Kaluzinski